Health & Well-Being / Menus

Children's health is an integral part of their emotional, mental , social , environmental and spiritual well-being and is supported by attention to these aspects. 

We are proud to hold a 5* rating with the Food Standards Agency. 

Breakfast is served from 7:30am to 8:30am where a selection of cereal, bagels, toast, croissant or porridge is available. We also offer a mid morning snack of fresh fruit, salad or special treat and milk. 

Lunch is served from 11:45-12:00 with a main course and dessert.

High Tea is served at 3pm, a light snack is served

We also provide a snack to those children staying late at 5pm.

Water is available at all times for children throughout the day.

All the children's meals are prepared on site by our cook who holds an up to date food hygiene certificate. We shop at our local supermarket and meats are bought from our local butchers.

We also accommodate dietary requirements. Our menu's are changed seasonally


Day/Week 1    
Monday Dinner

Pasta Bolognaise with cheesy garlic bread

*Baby born


Natural yoghurt and raspberries

  High Tea

Sweet potato and lentil soup

*Bread fingers

Tuesday Dinner

Gammon, new potatoes, peas and cauliflower with gravy

*Cauliflower florets 


Sponge cake


High Tea

Cheese and pineapple calzone

Wednesday Dinner

Lamb goulash with brown rice and green beans

*Green beans



  High Tea

Crustless quiche and salad sticks

*Cucumber sticks

Thursday Dinner

Chicken casserole with carrot and swede mash

*Carrot batons



  High Tea

Ham buns and tomatoes

Friday Dinner

Fish pie topped with sweet potato, and broccoli

*Broccoli florets


Cornflake tart and custard

*Sponge and custard

  High Tea

Cheese straws and fruit slices

*Bananas slices

*Indicates the part of each meal that can be eaten by infants as finger foods. 


Childrens good health is promoted well through sensible routines and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.. Ofsted, 2013

Recent training has involved the cook/staff in learning about the correct portion sizes for meal times for children and the amounts for each food group the children should have daily. This resulted in the staff changing the menus to meet this guidance, which results in the meals being more efficiently organised to benefit children's good health... Ofsted, 2013