The security of the premises and site is second to none. Without doubt, I would reccommend this nursery to anyone looking for a safe and reliable daycare...

Thank you for playing such an important role in the last few years of Emily's life. She has loved her time with you and you have helped insill in her an excitement for learning while providing a loving, supportive environment where Emily has felt safe enough to develop more of her independance and personality.

Alex and Stephen

The nursery is a beautiful set up. It is always so clean and inviting. Nicola and her team care about my son, his development and his ever growing, yet slightly demanding needs...

Little Lingfields has such a varied menu that caters for all tastes. We particuarly like the fact that Little Lingfields employs a chef, many other places didn't have a specific person to cook... 

It was one of the hardest decisions to make, finding a nursery which we felt was suitable for our little boy. We knew instantly when we walked in Little Lingfields that this was the perfect nursery. All staff are so polite and caring. My child is always so happy when I collect him on an evening...

It has been a pleasure working with you all and you have all played an important role in developing social confidence in my child that I could never have done. I'm confident he will have no trouble making new friends at his big school as I watch with pride every time I put him into play and family situations with people he hardly knows and his actions are a credit to him, you and ourselves. 

Sarah W

Thank you so much for all you have done for both Millie and Toby over their time at nursery. It was so much easier for me going to work knowing they were left in excellent hands. You have brought them both on so much and given them a great start in their learning.

?Linda and Shaun

I cannot thank you all enough for taking care of both my children over the years. I will recommend this nursery to anyone, 5 star treatment!

When we had Jessica there was no doubt in our minds which nursery she should go to. Little Lingfields is brillant, so warm and welcoming and for working parents knowing our children are in such a safe, happy, friendly environment makes all the difference.

Staff in every room, including the office and kitchen have taught Jessica so much. You have all played such a big part in her early life and the skills you have taught her will last a lifetime.

You have all been so caring, helpful and encouraging and so kind and polite to us parents too. We really can't thank you enough for all you have done.

Louise and Kev

One Day when I am much older and as tall as I can be, I will look back and remember what you did for me.

You taught me how to write my name and to share with all my friends.

I enjoyed being at your nursery, I am sad it has to end. But now I have learnt lots of new things, and it's time for me to go.

I will miss you lots and lots, but thank you for helping me to grow.

Lots of love Jessica W