We understand that if children are at ease and confident in their environment, then learning and development can take place, which is never more important than in their final year of nursery. Our pre-school room is equipped with all the facilities youngsters need for a fun and stimulating time that will prepare them for the adventure of primary school.

Our pre-school room is designed to be spacious and exciting, with a wide range of carefully planned sessions implemented.

Computer activities, cooking, planting, singing and making dens are but a few of the daily activities that our pre-school children discover. Football lessons from an experienced professional, enable the children to challenge themselves physically whilst having lots of fun!

We are dedicated to ensuring that our practical activities help children to fine tune their motor skills and increase their mental capabilities.

Pre-school youngsters embark on the ''Letters and Sounds'' framework - a nationally recognised teaching material used as a tool to promote concentration, listening and early reading skills. Our home library scheme enables children and families to choose and borrow books freely.

Our childcare practitioners put a strong emphasis on the development of self-confidence, individual personalities and most importantly the development of independence.

The children also have the opportunity to take part in football lessons which occur once a week in the nursery, usually on a Wednesday.

At Little Lingfields we are keen to ensure all of our pre-school children get off to a flying start at primary school. As part of this, we work closely in partnership with schools and invite teachers to meet their future pupils.

Little Inventors are able to have continued free flow of the outdoor provision and practitioners support their physical development.

Current interests and weekly planning are displayed in the room.

Children's learning and development is in line with the expected developmental ranges for their age. As a result, they are obtaining the skills, attitudes and dispositions they need to be ready for school or the next stage of learning - Ofsted, 2013